3 best tips to lose the weight and keep it off!

I can’t hear you, Diet culture is too loud! Day in and day out I hear of the latest diet trends and unsustainable restrictions to get the body of your dreams. Granted, these diets being promoted work for what they are supposed to. Lose the weight. However, after being on this diet for so long it gets harder to shed the last few pounds and keep the weight off for good. Sustainability is what all of the fad diets lack. Ever wonder why all these diets end the same way?

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Diet culture and all its toxic glory has taught women to be unhappy in a larger body. After all, skinny is always the goal, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth. Though, I do not preach “health at every size” it is important to accept yourself at every size as you strive for health and wellness. Being at a higher body fat percentage than your body feels good at will cause health complications. Therefore, health is not abstained at every size. Yes, everybody is different but nobody should be over their healthy weight set point. With that said, let’s get into the first sustainable tip if you are struggling to lose the last bit of weight or failing to keep the weight off.

Best weight loss tip #1: Acceptance

Accept yourself as you are and strive to be a better version of you. Ever heard the phrase “comparison is the thief of joy”? it is very true and important that you stay in your own lane on this journey. It is ok that you are here, however you got here no longer matters. All that matters is that you want and are willing to change it.

When I was deep in my eating disorders and more than hated my body, I would post fake notes up for myself. They would read things like “you are beautiful” “you are worthy” “you are so much more than your body”.  Things like that, it felt very foreign at first and I had a hard time believe it. Then, I started to believe these words. I would also meditate on similar affirmations that made me feel good. I became by own biggest cheerleader and I think that the most valuable thing you can do. The best relationship you should ever have is with yourself.

Acceptance also applies when you slip up on your weight loss journey. It’s going to happen so come to terms with imperfections and learn to get back up right where you fell. Not on Monday.

Best way to lose weight is to know your "why"
The best way to lose weight is to accept where you are now, and welcome who you want to become!

Best weight loss tip #2: Heal your relationship with food

Dieting ruins your relationship with food. Think about when you were young and had no care what you ate you just ate when you were hungry and stopped when you were full. That is what the goal is to get back to, with the added knowledge of nutrition.

I shouldn’t eat this, it will ruin my diet

I’m so hungry but Ive already hit my calorie goal

Sorry, I can’t come out tonight. And proceed to come up with an excuse as to why

If you say anything like or similar to these statements, chances are you need to reevaluate how you view food. It should look more like this:

I can eat whatever I want and in any quantity I want and will always honor my hunger.

why cant I get the cookie out of my head! I know I’m not hungry but I am, going to honor my mental hunger.

Yes! I would love to come out to dinner. Food is a means of celebration and connection not a punishment and shouldn’t be avoided.

If your goal to lose weight, you may be thinking “how on earth can I eat what I want when I want”! The point of allowing everything is to put less importance on triggering foods. If you know you can always have a cookie when you want, then it becomes less appealing. Weight loss is a mental game, what happens to little kids when they are told “no”? They fixate on it until they get it. same goes for you and food when you aren’t allowing yourself to have treats.

Always keep in mind you need nourishing foods for your body to function optimally. However, fun foods are needed for satiation and keep you from falling into the binge and restrict cycle.

Best weight loss tip #3: Know your “Why”

Why are you trying to lose weight? Is it to look a certain way? Is it to feel good in your skin? Is it for health reasons? Whatever the case, always keep your “why” in the back of your mind. It will help you create habits and behaviors that propel you towards what you want. If you have a hard time remembering why you are doing what you’re doing, keep reminders everywhere. On your phone screen, as an alarm, or sticky note it to your wall. That way the more you keep it in mind, the better chance you have to achieving it!

Instead of having an end date to a diet, create a life where your actions match where you want to be and eventually you will become that person! You no longer want to be over weight? You must find ways to stop doing the habits and behaviors that are making you overweight.

Why are you trying to lose weight? The best way to lose weight is to know your “Why”


In conclusion, Weight loss is trickier than some may think. It’s a mind game and in order to win you need to work with your biology. Otherwise you can end up with a very poor relationship with food AND your body. Who wants that?

Keeping the weight off is by far the trickiest part. I can be diligent for a few weeks, look amazing, but then there comes a time where I break. I need copious amounts of food to feel full. These tips will help you take the slow route to sustainable weight loss and continue to achieve your goal.

xoxo Hailee

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