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Livia link

Livia is a medication free tool to zap away your period pain! (no zapping required) tested and proven to relieve even the most painful cramps instantly

Pink moon

Beautifully crafted skin care for women! putting an end to the toxic skin care products and using organic, toxin free skin care will make the world of a difference!

Ova Moon

Ova moon is a supplement company that tailors their product to fit the specific needs of cycling women! helping with PMS, and digestion!


Daysy is a foolproof way to track your cycle for birth control (or to track ovulation for pregnancy). It is COMPLETELY hormone free! Fertility awareness made easy


Period underwear! not only is it reusable and good for the environment, it also protects against the dreaded sheet stains! I no longer use pads at night I use these.

Floliving supplements

Having trouble balancing your hormones? floliving supplements can help you! check them out in the link below:)