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your Hormone health guru here to share my knowledge in any way I can! My passion for womens health and hormones came about through personal experiences. You see, I was not formally diagnosed with an eating disorder but I sure had one. Went through stages of restriction, binging, and compensating the binges through exercise and more restriction.

With my HORRIBLE relationship with food and my body, along came a host of hormonal issues. I lost my cycle for 4 years and went through all the dirty work to balance my hormones naturally so you dont have to! Its been a wild ride but its all worth it teaching women like you how to be in touch with your beautiful body<3

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NASM CPT certified to help you!

I’ll start with where my love for health began. Once upon a time I was a teenage athlete playing competitive ice hockey and wanted to get in better shape for my sport.

So I did the logical thing and went on a diet! Low and behold that was the biggest turning point for me mentally and physically. Being a teenager and as competitive as I am, I took my diet to an extreme.

It turned into an eating disorder very quickly, I lost my period due to hypothalamic amenorrhea, and I had no social life. I spent the better part of 5 years engulfed in food obsession and exercise before I finally said enough was enough and I started recovering. Best decision I ever made was finding myself again:)

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