My 6 month update with the Kyleena IUD

What first drew me to this IUD is the Kyleena IUD effectiveness. The IUD is 99% effective I’ve had 6 months with this little T shaped gadget lodged in my VG and no scares. If you have not already read my insertion and one-month experience with my Kyleena, please go read it. If you have, lets get into my thoughts about it! The Kyleena IUD is my choice of birth control. After trying a few other forms, i think i have found the one for me:)

Kyleena IUD 6 month update and Kyleena IUD effectiveness

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. I am not a doctor and do not claim to be as these are solely based on my experiences. Please consult your family doctor before considering any recommendations listed in this post. Thanks!

What is the Kyleena IUD?

For those who do not know what an IUD is, it is a small T shaped plastic device that contains a small dose of progestin. The device is inserted by your doctor into your uterus and stays there. It excrets small amounts of hormones into the uterus to protect against pregnancy. This device can last about 5 years and is 99% effective! The Kyleena IUD effectiveness is impressive.

This is my first experience with a hormonal IUD, but I have had experience with the copper IUD which is non- hormonal. If you would like to read about my horrible experience with that you can click HERE. I have also tried other non-hormonal methods such as fertility awareness and barrier methods (condoms). They were great because I did not have to deal with the side effects that come along with synthetic hormones. However, I found fertility awareness to be too demanding and condoms are just annoying to me. Birth control is just a “pick your poison” type of decision, I think I have chosen my poison and her name is Kyleena!

So, what’s the deal? What has changed since I got my IUD?

Side effect#1: Period Length

From the day I got my IUD inserted until about a month after, I was bleeding. Not Heavily but it was a consistent flow. After that First month, my cycle started to regulate.

flo app screen shot of first month with IUD, all bleeding days

My cycle became regular after a month or 2 after insertion and has remained a steady 28-30-day cycle since then. My flow is lighter than it was without the IUD which I am not complaining about! It was really only the first month when my body was figuring itself out that was a real b*tch.

period levelled out after about a month to a month and a half. resuming my regular cycle. I use the Flo app to track my cycle

Side effect #2: CRAMPING

In terms of cramping, I do notice more at the beginning of my menstrual cycle (first 1-2 days of bleeding) than I did without it. However, it is not crippling or something I cannot handle. I carry about my life as normal☺

The Kyleena is known to lessen the cramps of your period if you already have heavy ones, so, that is also something to consider when choosing a birth control!

hot water bottle helping woman with her period cramps. I found cramping minimal with the Kyleena IUD

Side effect #3: Acne

Acne was the side effect I noticed most. Especially during PMS week, I got a few larger pimples than what I’m used to. I never struggled with any kind of acne, of course, some pimples here and there but nothing serious. Since getting the Kyleena, my skin has been more prone to breakouts especially on my chin area, forehead, and back. Along with my skin being noticeably more oily.

I have purchased some acne spot reducing creams ill link below that have done somewhat of a good job keeping the acne at bay. Again, I am not one for acne breakouts so if you are, it might be worse.

Weight Gain

Personally, I noticed zero weight gain after getting the IUD. Usually, women will gain weight on the pill as there is estrogen in the combination pill. Estrogen will make women gain weight, retain water, and have more intense food craving IF there is too much estrogen in the body. Since your body already produces estrogen and THEN take the pill with estrogen in it, there will be excess estrogen circulating.

The IUD has a much lower dose of synthetic hormones, no estrogen, just progestin which is a synthetic form of progesterone. Occasionally, this can cause food cravings and in turn some can gain weight but it’s not something that will just happen due to the change in hormonal profile.

Side effect #4: Mood and mental health

My mood has not changed for the majority of my cycle. However, that dreaded PMS week is when I’m more likely to just want to tune out from the world, I’m nippier, and I just don’t care. I’ve never had depression, other than bouts of sad times everyone goes through. Anxiety though, definitely knows me. I have always been an anxious kid and my eating disorder didn’t help with that but through the years I’ve managed to live without it interfering with my choices or wellbeing. Again, PMS week spikes my anxiety which I think is why I just want to be left alone at that time.

This is the side effect I dislike the most, but again, it’s manageable and I’ve made a few tweaks in my life to help with my anxiety such as meditation, deep breathing, and getting restful sleep. Especially during PMS week!


All in all, I am very happy with my kyleena IUD. My period is regular-ish and steady, i have minimal side effects, most of which have subsided already. It was a good investment for me and I would most definitely consider another one once this one has expired! Plus, I have a peace of mind considering the Kyleena IUD effectiveness.

i hope this helped you in some way:) until next time
xx Hailee

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