Side effects of Copper IUD: why I removed it!

You may have noticed I got my Copper IUD 3 months ago. I did and I recently removed it due to the side effects of the copper IUD. Firstly, I would like to mention the Copper IUD is amazing for some women, I was not one of those women and that is ok! It is ok if you are not either. Birth control is personal and sometimes you have to try many different methods to learn which one is best for you. The side effects that pushed me to removal of my copper IUD are:

  1. My mood swings were crazy lady level
  2. cramps where incredibly annoying
  3. heavy bleeding
  4. fatigue almost all the time
  5. bloating

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side effects of the copper IUD and why I removed it! spoiler alert - I did not like my copper iud!
The side effects of copper IUD were not for me! My lifestyle was negatively effected!

But Hailee, how did you NOT know the copper IUD causes cramps and heavy bleeding?! I did and my doctor warned me, I was just thought I was the acceptation. If you are unaware one of the side effects of the copper IUD is it causes about a 30% increase in pain and bleeding for the first 3-6 months. Then, the percentage is reduced to a 10% increase from your normal cycle. Since my periods were a walk in the park prior to the IUD insertion, I thought I would be fine with the 30 % – 10% increase but it turned out to ba bit more than I could handle. Especially when your period comes every month it seemed like I never caught a break. The other side effects such as fatigue and mood swings were a few other factors that negatively effected my life. Therefore, the IUD must go!

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. I am not a doctor and do not claim to be as these are solely based on my experiences. Please consult your family doctor before considering any recommendations listed in this post. Thanks!

Why I removed my IUD: caused intense mood swing side effects

First, some back story on my PMS mood swings; they were non existent. I had zero problems with my mood prior to getting my copper IUD which is the reason I was able to notice the shift. However, It was in month 3 where I truly noticed my mood tank to depression and anxiety. I was at work one morning and I remember just feeling this intense feeling of loneliness when it was just me in the office. I had about a half an hour cry because of that. Which I would never had have prior to my copper IUD. I believe this was a huge factor in my decision to call it quits and remove it.

Side effects of copper IUD: intense mood swings!

Why I removed my IUD: Copper IUD Cramps

In addition to the mood swings and mental health issues I faced, the cramping was not a fun experience. I found myself lying wide awake at night moaning in pain because my cramps were that bad. This only happened 1-2 nights during my bleed but it was taxing on my body. Of course, pairing together the lack of sleep and the mood swings, my life what a bit of a sh*t show 2 weeks out of every month. However, I did use ibuprofen to easy the pain which helped but not enough for me to keep the copper IUD.

The reason you cramp with the copper IUD is due to inflammation in the uterus, the positioning of the uterus with the IUD, as well as the fact that copper can increase estrogen levels causing estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance causes painful period.

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Why I removed my IUD: Heavy bleeding side effect on my period

Like I mentioned above, The copper IUD increases estrogen levels which causes cramping but can also cause heavier bleeds. Which is what I experienced. I was aware of this side effect when I got it inserted, however, it is one of the reasons I am removing it. The bleeds where about 30% heavier (as I was warned) what I did not take into consideration is the heavy bleeding at night. I literally slept with a towel wrapped around my waist to be sure no blood got on my covers. This side effect also contributed to my lack of sleep during my period. As you may know, sleep is very important for overall health, mental health, and productivity so my insomnia was defiantly interfering with my day to day tasks.

Why I removed my IUD: side effect of Fatigue

Fourthly, the fatigue I was feeling was getting the best of me. It is unclear weather the copper IUD was directly causing the fatigue or it was my lack of sleep throughout the weeks that was accumulating. Non the less, it was a strong reason to remove my IUD. My workouts were suffering, work seemed difficult to get through, and I had no motivation to do anything but lay on the couch or sleep.

Why I removed my Copper IUD: Bloating

The bloating my copper IUD caused was the worst I have had, luckily it only occurred during the week leading up to my period and a few days after, but it was uncomfortable. It is very normal for a woman to bloat near her period whether or not she has a copper IUD. However, The bloating is much more mild than the bloat I experienced with the Copper IUD.

Side effects of copper IUD: PMS week bloat taken to another level. I never experienced bloat like this before.

as you can see, my stomached is quite extended. This is likely due to inflammation and yet another reason I removed my copper IUD.

Post Copper IUD thoughts

In regards to the removal process, it was very quick and painless. Much less painful than the insertion procedure which was also not as bad as you think. I am now about a week without the IUD and my suspicions tell me my period will be back to normal very soon as the copper IUD only releases copper ions into the uterus instead of synthetic hormones the bounce back rate is quicker than the pill. With the pill your body will have to restart its natural hormone production before cycling again.

Many women have experienced the same side effects as I have. Some women love it so please do research and know your cycle before considering the copper IUD. Here is Mikayla Greenwood and her experience on the Copper IUD

side effects of copper IUD – Mikayla Greenwood!

What will I be using for birth control?

I will be using the fertility awareness method as my form of birth control. In particular, the sympto-thermal method which you can read more about here.

essentially, the sympto-thermal method is charting your cycle and estimating your fertile window (when you ovulate) and avoiding that window or using a barrier method during that time. I am going to do a blog post on this method very soon but in the mean time, you are welcome to check out some of these resources!

Fertility Friday – I love this woman, she has such great info and an amazing podcast

Taking charge of you fertility – This is the Fertility awareness bible, also a great read if you want to learn more about your body.

until next time xx

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