Kyleena IUD review: side effects? Insertion?

I hate birth control so I thought and IUD was my best betThe Kyleena IUD is a hormonal (contains progestin) T-shaped device that is placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy. It does so by thinning the lining of the uterine wall and thickening your cervical mucus to prevent sperm from traveling through your uterus. These 2 preventative measures make it incredibly hard for sperm to reach an egg and implant on the uterine wall, therefore, this method of birth control is 99% effective! Which is a large reason why I chose it along with the ease of “set it and forget it”. However, I have noticed some changes in my cycle along with some side effects the IUD has caused. 

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. I am not a doctor and do not claim to be as these are solely based on my experiences. Please consult your family doctor before considering any recommendations listed in this post. Thanks!

Birth control I used Before the Kyleena IUD

The Copper IUD

I have previously had the copper IUD for about 3 months or so and removed it due to painful cramping, Fatigue, and heavy bleeding. All of which may have leveled out if I left it in long enough for my body to get used to it (about 6 months) BUT I was no longer sexually active at the time and I just wanted the thing out to feel semi-normal again. You can read about my copper IUD experience HERE along with some things I tried to lessen the cramping HERE.

I picked the Copper before the Kyleena because it is nonhormonal and I didn’t want to mess up my cycle as I’ve had issues before with the loss of my cycle and low progesterone. In addition, I didn’t want birth control to ruin the work I’d done to get my hormones in a good spot. However, the copper was just not for me and messed with my hormones anyway. my attempt to keep my hormones balanced with the copper IUD was unsuccessful and I felt like trash so out it came.

Next up: fertility awareness method

I actually really like this form of birth control as it also teaches you a lot about your body which is incredibly valuable as a woman. Essentially, you track your cycle (when your period starts and ends) along with your Basal metabolic temperature and cervical mucus to detect when ovulation occurs. With that information you can avoid “fertile days” and your partner is free to nut in you on “infertile days”. I wrote a whole blog post about this method of birth control so if you just don’t like the idea of hormonal methods I highly suggest reading up on it! 

I used this form for about a few months before I let anyone cum inside me because I was terrified I was going to track it incorrectly and then boom, YOUR PREGNANT! That didn’t happen, however, I did have a later period, and that terrified me. The thought of having to get an abortion was so crippling. Obviously, I’ve never had one but if you have I’d love to know your experience of it, the good the bad, and the ugly (let me know in the comments below), or email me! Anyhow, since that experience I haven’t wanted to use the fertility awareness method, I wanted something more foolproof and didn’t take so much effort on my part. So welcome to the Kyleena IUD!

Why I chose to switch to the Kyleena IUD

  • Ease and security of knowing it’s very effective
  • Reduces cramping
  • Reduces bleeding
  • The lowest dose of hormones 
  • Low maintenance

I hate the idea of synthetic hormones because it definitely messed with my mood and energy levels. However, it does the job it’s supposed to do with a bearable price to pay. So I think I found the birth control I’m going to stick with.

Kyleena IUD Insertion process

This was not fun. I actually had 2 attempts at getting my Kyleena IUD in my uterus. The first was with a gyno my family doctor recommended who spent 10 minutes trying to measure my uterus with a little stick they poke through your cervix and into the uterus. However, my cervix was too closed so she failed to get the IUD in… Great.

the second attempt was successful! I went to a women’s clinic here in Vancouver called Willows Clinic. I love the ladies there, my doctor was super nice and thoughtful even though she also had trouble getting it in, it went in which was all I cared about at that point! The overall insertion process was invasive and uncomfortable. But its only for a few minutes so you can handle it!

First Few Months with the Kyleena IUD

For the first few months, I had nonstop bleeding. It wasn’t heavy but it was continuous and annoying as all hell. I believe I bled for 40 days straight until it stopped completely for a few weeks and since then it’s been irregular. Some other side effects I have noticed are:

  • Acne/breakouts
  • sore boobies
  • anxiety is more pronounced
  • fatigue
  • trouble sleeping

there can be other factors contributing to my problems that have nothing to do with my Kyleena, however, they all started happening after it was inserted so it very well could be her…

side effects I didn’t notice but was warned about:

  • weight gain
  • depression

Will I keep my Kyleena IUD?

short answer, yes. I think the fact that it prevents pregnancy and I don’t have to monitor anything is the biggest reason why I’m keeping it. Do I like the side effect? no, I do not, but, everything has a price to pay and unfortunately, ladies, birth control is just a poison you have to pick. There really is no option that is best, just an option that best suits you:)

UPDATE: I have kept my Kyleena IUD and the side effects have toned down! I still get a bit of acne right before my period starts but that is it!

I will also note, that my periods are shorter than they were before. Which, in my eyes, isn’t a bad thing!

Let me know in the comments below what birth control method you are on and why!

Here is Laura Mahachek’s experience with her Kyleena IUD. Everyone is different, ask you doctor before considering any kind of birth control! They can help you find what fits you:)

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  1. Hi Hailee, I read all your IUD posts (both copper and kyleena) thank you for taking the time to write such detailed posts. I found them really helpful, more than some of the youtube videos out there! Can you do an update on how you’re going with kyleena? I am getting my copper iud tomorrow and super nervous about what side effects i’ll experience.

    1. hey Emilia!
      thank you so much for your kind comment <3 I am planning on doing a 6 month update with my experience on the Kyleena! make sure you subscribe to my email list to get a notification when I post:)
      the start was rough but im actually really liking it! good luck at your appointment girly! you will do just fine:)


      1. Hi Hailee,

        I had the insertion done today. I’m really lucky because the clinic i did it at offers sedation/general anesthesia so i woke up and had some mild cramps. I cant wait to read your 6 month update. Also, did you get alot of acne? I am prone to 1-2 big pimples around my chin every month like clockwork. I think i’m most afraid of the acne and weight gain/bloats side effects because lets face it, they suck! I really hope I’m the lucky ones and don’t experience all that 🙁
        I initially wanted to go with the copper as I thought heavy periods are way better than acne/weight gain/low energy etc but the doc said he highly recommends the kyleena over the copper. So I decided to give it at least 3 months and see how I respond. This is my first ever birth control so I’m not sure how my body will react to it.

        Hope you are having a lovely day!

        1. hey Emilia,

          im so glad to hear you have a good experience with the insertion! as good as it can be anyhow haha. To be honest, i think it was a good choice to go with the Kyleena as I much prefer it over the copper!
          as for Acne and weight gain: i did get a few more pimples during the first 3-4 months and my skin is oilier however, i no longer get as many breakouts so that side effect has subsided for me.
          For weight gain, i nothiced nothing so that wasnt a problem for me – usually weight gain is more common with the pill as those synthetic hormones go through your system rather than and IUD delivers synthetic hormones locally in the uterus.

          for the emailing list: https://skilled-leader-5868.ck.page/8b8a2cda45

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