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the best sustainable period products of 2023

Sustainability is all the craze these days, and for good reason! With climate change in full effect, we need to do the best we can to lessen our carbon footprint. Ladies, this includes switching to sustainable period products

In the USA about 12 BILLION pads and 7 BILLION tampons are used per year, yes BILLION! If your jaw didn’t just drop to the floor like mine, you need to read that again. I always wanted to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem so when I came across these sustainable period products, I had to bite.

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. I am not a doctor and do not claim to be as these are solely based on my experiences. Please consult your family doctor before considering any recommendations listed in this post. Thanks!

The importance of sustainability

The sustainability of one’s self is the ability to maintain yourself to some extent. Being resourceful with choices and choosing those best for the environment (when you can). Sustainable period products are everywhere nowadays!

Did you know, about 10-15k tampons are thrown away each year? In addition to the 400lbs of period product packaging that goes with it such as tampon applicators and pad wrappers.

I am aware this is a relatively small amount if you consider the whole population and our waste, but why not try and save the planet the best we can? We live in the 21st century and most of us live in first-world countries. We don’t experience period poverty and if you just said “yes I do” and you have a roof over your head and food to eat, try again.

Ill is the first to admit – I can be a wasteful person. As humans we like easy, but I have recently adopted a mindset of “think about your children” so I’ve switched to sustainable period products like period pads and menstrual cups. The last tampon I bought from the store was probably 6 months ago!

But, are they sanitary?

YES if you take care of your period products correctly! It is very important, especially for period cups to wash and clean them thoroughly with gentle cleaners. The PH balance of your VG is sensitive and the cup sits inside your body for an extended period of time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid the following to clean your menstrual cup:

  • anti-bacterial soap
  • oil based soaps
  • scented soap
  • baking soda
  • bleach
  • dishwashing soap
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • rubbing alcohol
  • vinegar

opt for gentle, unscented, and oil-free soap to clean your menstrual cup. I personally use these products:

my favorite: menstrual cups

Menstrual cups come in different sized based on the size you need. If you have had children, you will need a larger cup and if you have not I would opt for a smaller one.

Menstrual cups are a relatively new period product and act as a cup that collects your period blood for up to 12 hours depending on your flow. It is made of silicone and can last you a year or two of use.

If you are new to using a menstrual cup, you may be thinking “what the heck am I supposed to do with this?!”. It’s easier than it looks, trust me. Each cup has a different way to insert it but for more in-depth step-by-step instructions, check out this article.

Earthicup is a woman-owned company based in Toronto that supplies amazing period cups that I have used and find super comfortable!

As for sleeping, I personally do not sleep with one as I find it uncomfortable especially if I’m extra crampy. additionally, cups may leak throughout the night if it falls out of place.

Use code: HAILEE20 to get 20% off your order if you order from Earthicup <3

Menstrual disc

Much like a menstrual cup this gadget is inserted into your vagina and can be worn for up to 12 hours. However, I find discs a lot less “user friendly” than menstrual cups. There is a specific spot it needs to sit and if you don’t get it there or it slips, good luck sister.

I also do not recommend sleeping with a disc in as there may be spillage.

If you’re curious as to how to insert it correctly, please watch this informative video!

the best nighttime options: period underwear

These will save your sheets and PJs time and time again. I am such a fan of period underwear, especially boxer shorts because it has the most coverage. If you are a restless sleeper, you may have noticed regular pads shift and you end up with sheets from the shining.

I’ll be the first to admit it, period underwear feels like a diaper. There, I said it! BUT so do pads and underwear are much softer than pads so I got over that pretty quickly.

sustainable period products, period underwear!
Period underwear is like regular underwear with an absorbable pad to catch the blood.

reusable tampon applicator

A reusable tampon applicator is used for the cotton tampons that do not come with an applicator. The tampon, however, still needs to be changed every 6ish hours so this product is not completely eco-friendly.

I actually have never come across one in a store where. However, I did find some online that are available if this is something you want to use!

reusable pads

Reusable pads are amazing if you are not a tampon gal! A lot of them come in fun styles and designs to make your period more enjoyable. They are used like regular pads and washed after each use.

Please be sure you read the washing instructions prior to use to ensure you sanitize them properly!

How to pick the best sustainable period product for you

There are loads of options as you can see. The best way to determine which sustainable period product would work best for you is to take this quiz below:)

[forminator_quiz id=”3979″]

Wrapping things up

We all have choices in this world and I believe we should be making an effort to help save the planet when we can. Be as sustainable as we can be by buying sustainable period products and using them instead of putting used pads and tampons in landfill each month.

Of course, there are other reasons why our planet is suffering from client change (I am aware of that) However, even the little things go a long way xx

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As always, thank you for reading

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  1. These are great! A lot of period products are not only harmful to the environment, but harmful to our bodies. Great post!

  2. Love this! Using sustainable products is important to me and this is something I plan on making a conscious effort on in the new year

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