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25 best meal and snack ideas to support your luteal phase

Your luteal phase is the latter half of your cycle and also the time PMS will take place. If you’re anything like me, cooking is not your strong suit, let alone making meals that TASTE amazing.

This is why I did not create these recipes myself I gathered 25 of the best meal ideas from my favourite Pinterest boards to help you make food that is simple, healthy, and nourishing.

Luteal phase recipes, snack ideas, and healthy meal ideas for the whole family!
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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. I am not a doctor and do not claim to be as these are solely based on my experiences. Please consult your family doctor before considering any recommendations listed in this post. Thanks!

For those who don’t know – the low down on the luteal phase

The luteal phase is the fourth and final phase of your menstrual cycle, I like to call it the “winter” of my cycle because it’s a time I want to turn inward, cuddle up with a good book, and just relax.

Hormonally, estrogen decreases throughout your luteal phase as progesterone (your calming hormone) begins to rise. This causes fatigue and an increase in metabolism because progesterone increase basal body temperature.

If you are a cycle charter like myself, you will see a distinct jump in BBT, about a half a degree, which will stay elevated until your period starts. This increase in metabolism can cause food cravings to occur in the late luteal phase but don’t worry, I got that covered with these 25 satisfying meals.

Natural cycles is my favourite app to track my cycle on (with the added bonus of it being FDA approved as hormone free birth control!!)

How food supports your luteal phase

Since the luteal phase’s dominant hormone is progesterone, finding foods that support the production of progesterone is key to hormone balance. Increase healthy fat consumption along with vitamin b6 to stabilize mood and help yourself feel good! Additionally, Healthy fats support skin which will help with breakouts which are very common in the latter half of the luteal phase (as you may have noticed).

Add these foods to your luteal phase grocery list for healthy fats:

Magnesium is another key nutrient that will aid with fatigue and low libido you may experience at this time. Try foods high in magnesium such as:

  • Bananas
  • Spinach
  • Dark chocolate (your welcome)

Foods that may not be so supportive in your luteal phase

I do not completely cut out coffee in my luteal phase, but I am conscious of my consumption as too much caffeine can impact progesterone. Caffeine increases cortisol levels (stress hormone) which your body will prioritize producing over progesterone.

Other foods I try to avoid are alcohol and carbonated drinks to help with bloat and optimize liver function.

Now, without further ado – here are some recipes for you to try out for an easy, breezy, beautiful, luteal phase<3

5 healthy meal ideas for breakfast

Chose one of these insanely satisfying breakfast recipes to no only promote progesterone in your luteal phase, but also aid in the cravings department!

Starting out with the most important meal of the day (not really they are all important). However, breakfast should be eaten within an hour or two upon walking. No fasting here and this is why women should not fast!

Breakfast will balance your blood sugar levels and keep you satisfied throughout the day. Overeating is very common in the luteal phase and a big breakfast can help you avoid overeating later in the day.

  1. Pumpkin pie oatmeal – by the glowing fridge
  2. pesto eggs breakfast bowl – by the roasted root
  3. sweet and savory breakfast salad – by Flora and Vino
  4. Millet breakfast peached – by Foodnheal
  5. Chocolate smoothie – by Traditional cooking school

5 Healthy meal ideas for lunch

cooked rice and curry food served on white plate
Photo by Cats Coming on Pexels.com

Ding ding ding! It is lunch time my friends! I hope you’re hungry for some fuelling food! I absolutely adore # 3, that is one you NEED to try.

  1. Sweet potato black bean buddha bowl – by Hummusapien
  2. Chickpea tacos – by merawellness
  3. smashed chickpea salad sandwich – by choosingchia
  4. Curried chickpea cauliflower bake -by cottercrunch
  5. Roasted roots and greens – by natural hormone healing

5 healthy meal ideas for dinner

What’s for dinner? Is an age old question in my household and maybe it is for you too! So let me ask you, which one of these are you making for dinner tonight?

  1. sweet potato qinuoa salad bowl – by Natural hormone healing
  2. mushroom moon stew – by natural hormone healing
  3. Baked cod recipe with lemon garlic – by the meddeteranian dish
  4. pear and kale pizza – by usapears
  5. Broccoli cawliflower and chicken bake -by isabeleats

5 easy snack ideas for your luteal phase

Snacks are a must in the luteal phase. As I mentioned above – your metabolism increases by about 100-300 calories a day after ovulation *que applause*. This means if your feeling a little extra peckish, try one of these filling snack ideas!

  1. seed cycling protein bites – by nourishmintkitchen
  2. Vegan nutella – by the glowing fridge
  3. green smoothie – by the glowing fridge
  4. roasted black beans – by summer yule
  5. nut mix – by low carb maven

5 easy (and healthy) dessert ideas for your luteal phase

Remember when I said dark chocolate has magnesium in it? Well I pretty much just gave you a free pass to each chocolate with the additional benefit of supporting your hormones. Regardless if you’re in your luteal phase or not – chocolate is always a good idea (within a sensible quality)

As a chocolate enthusiast– I may or may not have picked recipes that included chocolate in them;)

  1. cinnamon sugar donut holes – by the glowing fridge
  2. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups – by exploring healthy foods
  3. dark chocolate truffles – by sofreshnsogreen
  4. carrot cake bars – by bake it paleo
  5. protein packed rice pudding – by big mans world

Other ways to support your luteal phase

Other ways to support progesterone production during your luteal phase are to take these supplements!

Reminder: these should SUPPLEMENT a healthy diet and active lifesytle, it is no a cure to hormone issues they can help when paired with a hormone happy way of living.

  1. cycle sycning (r) supplements by floliving
  2. Magnesium (350mg)
  3. zinc (if not getting enough from food, do not exceed 40mg/day)
  4. Vitamin B6 (200-800mg)
  5. Vitamin C (750mg)

I do not personally take these everyday as I get the majority of my vitamins and minerals from foods, however, these can be very helpful for those who are transitioning to a more whole food based diet.

SO, Tell me what your learned! Let me know in the comment section what your take away was and which recipe your most excited to try!

until next time xx

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