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25 easy meal prep ideas for your follicular phase

Support your follicular phase through the food you eat! Supporting your hormones, and goals for that matter, comes down to preparation. Therefore, easy meal prep ideas are essential to support your follicular phase!

If you missed my “25 of the best recipes to support your luteal phase”, you can read it after this because the luteal phase comes after the follicular phase. Only makes sense to read it after as well!

easy meal prep ideas to support your follicular phase.
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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. I am not a doctor and do not claim to be as these are solely based on my experiences. Please consult your family doctor before considering any recommendations listed in this post. Thanks!

Wait a minute, What is your follicular phase?

The follicular phase is the first half of your menstrual cycle and starts on the first day of bleeding and ends on the day of ovulation. During this time, your body is preparing the body for an egg to be released that occurs on approx. day 15 as shown in the graph below.

Cycle syncing works with the natural hormonal cycle
The follicular phase is the first half of your cycle. As you can see the spike in hormones that represents ovulation, it also represents the end of the follicular phase and beginning of luteal.

During the first half of the cycle, estrogen will begin to rise which means energy levels will also rise! As the follicle reaches maturity and estogen peaks, it will release an egg to be fertilized. Food, exercise, and stress levels directly effect the health of your hormonal cycle. Today we are focusing on meals to prep in order to support your body during the follicular phase!

Supplementation can also help with hormone balance during the follicular and luteal phase. Floliving is the only company that offers phase specific supplements to help you on your journey to hormone harmony. what are you waiting for?! get on the cycle syncing train, you wont regret it!

foods to focus on

We want to focus on foods that support estrogen metabolism such as curifourous veggies, fermented foods, and healthy fats to support hormone production. Fibreous foods will also help with estrogen detoxification so eat fruits and vegetable WITH the skin!



sprouted grains

fermented foods

healthy fats

And avoid foods that are inflammatory such as caffeine, alcohol, dairy, and gluten. Not because they are inherently bad, because they inflame your digestive system that can cause a disruption in hormone balance. A disruption in hormone balance can lead to painful periods, intense PMS, and fatigue. I know, not fun!

Livia - No More Pain. Period.

The importance of meal prep

Have you heard the saying “if you fail to plan, you plant o fail”? Its true, failing to prepare healthy meals at the beginning of the week will set yourself up for dissapointment. Take it from an expert of winging it, takeing an hour or two on Sunday night to grocery shop and cook health meals for the week will do wonders for staying on track.

AND to make your life even easier – I have a freebie cycle syncing grocery list to download! Each week looks alittle different depending on what phase you are in during your menstrual cycle.

breakfast ideas🥞

Starting out with arguably the most important meal of the day – BREAKFAST! During this first half of your cycle, you may be more prone to skipping breakfast or fasting. If you do intermittent fast (though I recommend against it) This phase is when to do it. In the latter half of your cycle aka the luteal phase, I strongly advise against it. Due to increase in progesterone, cravings also increase that can lead to bouts of over eating or even binges!

These meal easy meal prep ideas for breakfast will leave you feeling satisfied as well as balance your blood sugar levels. A major key to balanced hormone levels!

lunch/dinner ideas🥗

Lunch and dinner easy meal prep ideas are a no brainer. Here we can focus on getting our healthy fats, carbs and protein in for the day. I prefer to have a larger lunch and smaller dinner. However, these recipes are interchangable so what ever eating patter you follow, these recipes can accomodate!

nourish bowls to support your follicular phase

snack ideas🥨

Its snack time! If you are a pechish person like myself, I need a little pick me up between lunch and dinner to get me through my intense workout in the afternoon. That is where easy meal prep ideas come in – snack addition!

Fun fact: Exercising in your follicular phase is most enjoyable to to the rise in estrogen. Additionally, muscle recovery is also optimized as apposed to the luteal phase whe progesterone takes the stage.

So, dont forget to fuel those muscles after an intense lifting session or long run!

follicular phase healthy bran loaf - easy snacks

dessert ideas🎂

Did i hear someone say “chocolate”? I am obsessed with chocolate in and out of PMS week so you bestter believe Im including some dark chocolate recipes for dessert. Dark chocolate is high in magnesium which can relax your muscles. If you are an unlucky lady who has intense cramps, magnisium can relive the muscle in your uterus that contract and thus, relive cramping.

easy meal prep ideas - brownies
brownies are super easy desserts to meal prep and keep in the freezer for the week – or if you have kids, they will be gone before you can say “meal prep is easy”

Wrapping things up!

Eating in accourdance to your cycle has shown to have many hormone balancing benefits! Therefore, its important to be mindful of the foods you eat and what phase you are in on your menstrual cycle!

I hope you got some foodspiration for your next follicular phase Sunday meal prep! If you try these recipes – tag me on your instagram and let me know what posts your would like to see from me in the future<3


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  1. Great and helpful ideas and recipes. I’ve been trying to eat breakfast more, and will keep some of these ideas in mind. Thanks for sharing!

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