50 high protein Ninja creami recipes

This hot new contraption is flooding the internet due to its high-protein ice cream capabilities! Specifically, the fitness space is using the Ninja Creami for high-protein ice cream and other concoctions. Personally, I’m here for it all, and yes, I was one of the suckers who spend $250 on one. Get ready for all the Ninja Creami recipes in the future!

In this post, I’m going to share with you 50. Yes, 5 0 high protein ice cream recipe for you to enjoy alongside me. However, you are needing a Ninja creami which you can get right here😉

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. I am not a doctor and do not claim to be as these are solely based on my experiences. Please consult your family doctor before considering any recommendations listed in this post. Thanks!

Why we love the high protein

High-protein recipes are very popular amongst the health world and for good reason! Protein is a powerhouse macronutrient and is responsible for a bunch of body processes:

  • muscle maintenance and growth
  • enzyme and hormone production
  • transportation and storage of nutrients
  • recovery and muscle soreness
  • satiety and weight management

Though the majority of the population is lacking in their protein intake. Eating protein shakes in the form of ice cream is much more fun. After all, food is not only fuel but is also meant to be enjoyed!

Why you need a Ninja Creami

You just do. ok.

In all seriousness, I’m not the type to buy gadgets that crowd my already limited counter space. However, I have been getting good use out of my ninja creami ever since I bought it. Now, I take pride in having that cumbersome contraption on my countertop.

Ill admit, it is loud. The spinning process of the ninja creami is quite loud so to muffle the sound I throw a blanket over it until it’s finished. Not the best way, but it gets the job done especially if you live in an apartment with thin walls.

“Healthy Desserts” VS “Unhealthy Desserts”

As a coach and personally struggling with eating disorders in the past, the last thing I want you to do is view these recipes as a way of restricting. Im all for modifying foods to make them more macro friendly but there is a line. If you cross this line, It may be time to take a look at your relationship with food and your body.

  1. You cant eat full-fat ice cream because you are scared of the calories
  2. Eating pints of protein ice cream in replacement of meals
  3. Never deviate from your “safe” recipe
  4. Not adding fun mix-ins because they add “unnecessary” calories.

Just some habits I notice myself trying not to dip into because I do not want this to be a crutch for my disordered eating thoughts. I want this to be fun for me and for you! Fun entails adding fun mix-ins and full-fat yogurt or milk (which is actually good for your hormones girl) The first step in healing your relationship with food is defining your “why”. Why do you care so much about your outside appearance? Why do you want to heal? To help you find that out for yourself, download the free worksheet below xx

What is your “why”?

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    Ninja Creami recipe: Fruit flavors

    Calling all the fruit flavor lovers! This segment of high-protein ice creams is for you. I’m not much of a fruit-flavored girl myself, other than strawberry BUT these are some recipes I’m actually convinced to try they sound so good!

    Fruit flavoured ninja cream recipe can be a great option for high protein ice cream!

    Ninja Creami recipe: chocolate lovers (like me)

    Chocoholics, you will love these 10 ninja creami recipe ideas for your next creami night! Or, If your period is due in the next few days, prepare your chocolate ice creams for a more menstrual-friendly treat!

    high protein ice cream is not complete without some chocolate! add peanut butter cups to your next ninja cream recipe!

    Ninja Creami Recipe: cereal killers

    From froot loops to captain crunch, you can get very creative here adding in whatever cereal you fancy at the moment! Personally, I’m on a honeycomb kick! Please tell me you’ve had honeycomb before! For these recipes I Want you to choose a base of either vanilla or chocolate and add in cereals like these:

    Ninja creami recipe: the classics

    There is nothing better than diving spoon-first into a tub of your favorite ice cream from childhood. The classics are where all your nostalgia will be found with a little less added bs our bodies don’t want!

    Ninja Creami Recipe: Exotic flavors

    These high-protein ice cream recipes may take you a little extra time to prepare BUT I can vouch they are well worth the work! You know those ice cream shops with flavors you’ve only dreamed of? Yeah, we are recreating those in ninja creami form! How exciting.

    Ninja creami tips and tricks

    1. Use the “Lite” ice cream setting for the best consistency every damn time!
    2. Give her a warm water bath before spinning to get rid of the outer ice layer that forms if you don’t give her a bath
    3. Use whey protein powder for better consistency (10g or more)
    4. non-fat milk or almond milk sucks, use 2% milk, just a little bit goes a long way for better consistency

    Wrapping things up

    Now you and I have a lot of recipes trying to do with these 50 high-protein ice cream recipes. Better grab some more pints on Amazon so you can house all of your creations! Maybe even a chest freezer…

    Ninja has actually changed the game for me with high-protein ice creams. I used to choke down Halo Top and Enlightened just because of the macros or do you remember Arctic Zero?! UGH that stuff what like ice! However, I am continually impressed by my ninja creami recipe. By the way, no this is not sponsored by Ninja, though I wish that was the case. I’ll manifest it just you wait!

    Until next time xx

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